Herrmann AG Kunststoffwerk

Special requests welcome:
Consultancy and design

We provide advice and support from the initial idea to the production-ready product, often taking existing containers as a starting point and incorporating the intended use with your design specifications. Whether we are dealing with the plastic composition, specific features or ease of handling, process reliability begins with meticulous design. Moldflow software simulates the flow and filling behaviour of plastic during the design process, enabling us to identify and eliminate critical points. So even before production starts, you can rest assured that we will meet or even exceed your required quality standards.


The benefit of our experience: Mould construction

The perfectly-formed mould begins its journey in our R&D department with detailed design, a feasibility study and a production simulation, before making its way to our mould production facility. Our experienced team of designers and mould makers manufacture every mould on site using our state-of-the-art fleet of machines. We maintain and check our existing injection moulds in our own mould shop. This gives us complete control of this important step in the process of producing the perfect cap or closure system.

The sky's the limit: Injection moulding

Herrmann currently operates 45 injection moulding machines with a clamping force of up to 280 tonnes – ideal for larger moulds and the production of large customised moulded parts. Depending on the product, you can choose from three hygiene classes, starting with standard production for technical parts and agrochemicals. Our pharmaceutical customers throughout the world particularly appreciate our laminar flow units for producing maximum quantities reliably, as well as our GMP Class C cleanroom production facilities.


Squeaky clean: Cleanroom injection moulding

Continuous production, clean processes, state-of-the-art machines, flexibility and speed: The pharmaceutical and medical industry have relied on Swiss quality from the Appenzell region for many years. The majority of our moulded parts are produced in our 18 laminar flow units or in our cleanroom, which has eight injection moulding machines, including one two-component injection moulding unit. All machines are certified to GMP Class C / ISO Class 7. In addition, most of our units are all-electric. This is a very hygienic solution which reduces energy consumption and benefits the environment.


Assembly and quality assurance

At Herrmann AG, we offer a complete package of services from design to production and assembly. Filling with desiccant, assembling the closures, inserting the liners and gluing them in place, our 20 assembly machines take charge of it all – ensuring uncompromising quality assurance standards, every step of the way. At Herrmann AG we routinely perform vacuum tests, tensile tests, torque tests, microbial and particulate measurements and more. So we can guarantee our customers verifiable quality, certified to ISO 9001, ISO 15378 and ISO 13485.

Behind the scenes: Logistics

Quality requirements and continuous improvements at every level mean that all our processes undergo a process of optimisation. This starts with a precise response to customer requirements and meticulous planning. Superior workmanship, extensive silo facilities for bulk granular material and a central conveyor system for all raw materials are an integral part of our process reliability. We supply our Swiss customers promptly and on time using our own trucks and have relied on external logistics professionals for years to supply our international customers.