Herrmann AG Kunststoffwerk

All options open

Our company motto is ‘To cap it all!’. We love closures, whatever sector of industry or corner of the world they come from, and like any passionate professional, we also love a challenge. We offer a perfect-fit solution, tailored to your project. Based either on one of our 4000 existing product specifications or one designed specifically for you. In standard or high-tech materials. Our product portfolio ranges from simple caps to complex multi-part systems with tamper-evident closures, child-resistant closures or desiccant. And if you need pipettes, droppers, pouring spouts, accurately graduated measuring cups or vials for implants, we will happily assist you provided that injection moulding is the optimum solution.

Flexibility for pharmaceutical products

Exactly according to your specifications: High-quality closures for plastic or glass containers with 7 to 70 mm threads. Tamper-evident, child-resistant, with desiccant or with liner on request.

No compromises in the medical world

Diversity, flexibility and premium quality for a heavily regulated market: Hermann closure systems, tailored to individual requirements and manufactured under cleanroom conditions.

Technical knowhow

Herrmann AG knows no limits when it comes to technical closures: You specify your requirements, we advise you and design the right product for your application in the most suitable material.

Pristine solutions for cleaning products

Closures and packaging systems for cleaning products have to fulfil various conditions, depending on the contents and the desired application. Herrmann AG guarantees the perfect shape and the best combination of materials for your product.

Smart choice for food and beverages

Intelligent combination of hygiene and user-friendliness: Herrmann AG designs high-quality, customised closures for food with diameters ranging from 7 to 70 mm, and optional tamper-evident guarantee.

Customised agrochemical solutions

Safe storage, ease-of-use, form and material carefully tailored to your needs and each closure with optional tamper-evident guarantee: Our agrochemical range, with threads of approximately 7 to 70 mm.

Safely out of children's reach

Push or twist, one-part or multi-part and in diameters from 15 to 70 mm: Child-resistant closures reliably prevent unwanted access to medicines, cleaning products, etc.


Tamper-evident guarantee for peace of mind

Tamper-evident rings moulded in a single part with the cap, inserted or in the form of a tear-off strip. Tamper-evident closures indicate whether a package has already been opened. Threads of approx. 7 to 70 mm.


Made-to-measure graduated beakers

We design, produce and supply according to your specifications, no matter what your requirements. And this includes accurately graduated measuring beakers in a wide range of heights and diameters.